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Women's History

Explore topics and articles about women in American history.

Why Women's History?

Women's contributions and accomplishments for the most part have been overlooked and consequently omitted from mainstream culture. The National Women's History Museum helps fill that void. Rather than rewriting current exhibitions at other history museums or having to decide what to omit elsewhere to "fit in" women's history, the Museum serves to place women's history along side current historical exhibitions. 

Women's history isn't meant to rewrite history. The objective is to promote scholarship and expand our knowledge of American history.

Women are the real architects of society.

Harriet Beecher Stowe
Electronic Field Trip

When a field trip is out of the question, bring the museum to you! Sign up for an electronic field trip and have a museum educator lead a program for your students. 

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Chronicles of American Women: Your History Makers

Chronicles of American Women: Your History Makers is a means to honor the lives and legacies of women, living and dead, whose individual and collective contributions have enriched our lives. With narrative and pictures you can create a lasting memorial to a special woman in your life.