Women’s History 101 Virtual Talks

Book a virtual talk with the National Women’s History Museum! You’ll have exclusive access to the Museum’s experts, with opportunities to ask questions and learn more about women’s history with your group.

The Basics:

  • You must register at least 3 weeks in advance using our registration form below. 
  • Virtual Talks typically last 1 hour, including Q&A.
  • Virtual Talks costs are paid at the time of registration and are the following:
    • $250 for non-profits, government organizations, and educational organization
    • $500 for all other organizations
  • Virtual Talks are designed for adult audiences, such as corporate groups, universities, or adult learning groups.
  • If you need to reschedule or cancel, please do so within 2 business days of your scheduled date. If you choose to cancel, you will receive a refund.

  • We do not allow recording of these programs.

  • Additional Virtual Talks are added throughout the year, so please check back periodically for new topics!


Current Women’s History 101 Virtual Talks:

Official Program of the Woman Suffrage procession, Washington DC 1913

Explore some of the major figures, organizations, and milestones in the fight for women’s right to vote in the 19th and 20th centuries. From the Seneca Falls Convention to the passing of the 19th Amendment, explore the work of women and organizations across the United States who fought for universal suffrage.

Civil Rights Protest

In the 20th century, African American women formed the backbone of the modern Civil Rights Movement. They were the grassroots leaders challenging America to embrace justice and equality for all. This talk explores women’s critical roles--often behind the scenes--in major events throughout the movement.

“I refuse to take no for an answer.” – Bessie Coleman 

From Civil War doctors to spacefaring scientists, history is full of women that forged new paths in scientific fields. During this talk you’ll learn more about the barriers that women in STEM face and the stories of women that defied them, such as Mary Edwards Walker, Bessie Coleman, and Sally Ride.  

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