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Thank you for your interest in the National Women’s History Museum. The National Women's History Museum is a non-collecting, virtual, "museum without walls." PLEASE NOTE that we CANNOT accept any books, objects, or collections donations at this time. Any such unsolicited donations will be returned to the sender.

NWHM is headquartered in Washington, DC, but has moved to a fully remote team.  If you'd like to donate by check, please send to our mailing address below:


Mailing Address:
National Woman's History Museum
Secure Mail
PO Box 71181
Charlotte, NC 28272-1181


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Please see below for further contact information. 


Museum Partnerships:
Please click here for more information about partnering with the Museum and to fill out our Museum partnership proposal form. 

Book Club Suggestions

The NWHM is not taking suggestions from authors or publishers for Women's History Book Club reads at this time.

Live Program Book Suggestions

Thank you for your interest in having your book be a part of the Museum’s live programs. NWHM curates programs based on a variety of factors, including the mission, NWHM's current themes and exhibitions, the needs and interests of its audiences, and current events. The Museum will often reach out directly to authors that fit the mission. NWHM encourages you to learn more about the Museum’s mission, themes, and resources on the website:

If you are interested in collaborating on a live program, please fill out the Partnership Proposal Form. A response to your request will be sent within 90 days of receipt.

Please note:

  • The Museum is unable to do book buys, but can link to a preferred bookseller.
  • NWHM asks that you provide a moderator/list of potential moderators for your program.
  • Please include a justification of why your book fits with the current themes and mission of NWHM, as well as a reason you would like to hold your program at the time and date you’ve suggested.


Books, Objects, or Other Collections Donations:

Please NOTE that we CANNOT accept any books, objects, or collections donations at this time.

Content and Publications Submissions:
We DO NOT currently accept unsolicited manuscripts, publications, articles, films/videos, or educational resources.

Image Requests:
NWHM does not keep photo archives and cannot transfer image usage permissions to a third party. Please check the photo credits listed for each photo of interest on the page where they’re found and contact the original source to inquire about permissions. Often times, the images come from public domain providers such as the National Archives and Records Administration or Library of Congress.

Information For Students: 

Please be sure to provide an email address at which we can contact you. Many school email servers will not allow emails from outside domains. Ask a parent/guardian before contacting the Museum.

If you are a student contacting the Museum regarding your National History Day project, please be advised that we are not permitted to provide interviews per the National History Day Participant Handbook, which reads:

Rulebook, Page 10 Text: 
"You may be tempted to interview a professional historian about your topic. Do not. Your job as a researcher is to read that historian’s work. Historians generally do not interview other historians. Instead, consider using or conducting an oral history, if possible. Learn more at" 

Additionally, we cannot provide printed materials, but the works cited sections from the sources on the Museum's webpage can often direct you to other resources to further aid you. Please also consider contacting our colleagues at the Maryland Women's Heritage Center and Museum, the Women's Museum of California, or the National Women's History Alliance for additional support during peak times.