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Feminism: The Second Wave

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Founded in 1996, the National Women’s History Museum (NWHM) is an innovative museum dedicated to uncovering, interpreting, and celebrating women’s diverse contributions to society. A renowned leader in women’s history education, the Museum brings to life the countless untold stories of women throughout history, and serves as a space for all to inspire, experience, collaborate, and amplify women’s impact—past, present, and future. We strive to fundamentally change the way women and girls see their potential and power. NWHM fills in major omissions of women in history books and K-12 education, providing scholarly content and educational programming for teachers, students, and parents. We reach more than five million visitors each year through our online content and education programming and, in March 2023, mounted our first physical exhibit at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library in downtown Washington, DC, "We Who Believe in Freedom: Black Feminist DC."

Each time a girl opens a book and reads a womanless history, she learns she is worth less.

Myra Pollack Sadker
Professor, Author, Researcher, and Activist

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Join the National Women’s History Museum, the United States Mint, and the Oswego community to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Mary Edwards Walker and commemorate the release of the 2024 Dr. Mary Edwards Walker quarter, the 13th coin to be released in the U.S. Mint’s American Women Quarters™ Program.  This special event will include remarks from distinguished guests, a panel discussion, performances, and a special presentation to the Walker family.


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Featured Biographies for June

In 1983, Lani Ka’ahumanu co-founded BiPOL, the first feminist bisexual political action group in the country. Ka’ahumanu then co-coordinated the San Francisco Bay Area Bisexual Network (BABN) in 1987. Ka’ahumanu’s organizing efforts expanded when she met with bisexuals from around the country at the Second National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights in 1987. Spurred by a call from the Boston Bisexual Women’s Network to organize nationally, Ka’ahumanu and fellow activist Autumn Courtney worked with BiPOL and BABN to coordinate the first National Bisexual Conference in 1990, where BiNET USA, the first national bisexual rights group, was founded. 

Learn more about LGBTQ2S+ women’s experiences throughout US history in this month’s featured biographies. 


Use the NWHM’s compendium of online biographies to spark curiosity and dig deeper into women’s impact throughout our shared national history. Explore more here

If we want our girls to benefit from the courage and wisdom of the women before them, we have to share the stories.

Shireen Dodson

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Discover our educational resources. Find lesson plans, biographies, posters, timelines, videos, and more on a wide variety of women's history topics. 

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The National Women's History Museum Named America250 National Resource Partner for Women's History

NWHM is among a select group of expert nonpartisan, nonprofit organizations that will help elevate and scale America250 programming.
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National Women's History Museum Joins Women’s Suffrage National Monument Foundation’s Historic Partnership Coalition

NWHM among 35 National Partners representing over 3 million women
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NWHM and Collaborative Partner Tessellate Win Three 2024 MUSE Creative Awards for "Black Feminist DC"

The exhibit was recognized with three silver awards for Exhibition Experience, Community, and Diversity and Inclusion.

NWHM Named America250 National Resource Partner

As the official resource partner for women's history, NWHM will amplify the diverse and intersectional stories, contributions, and accomplishments of American women, past and present.


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NWHM, the U.S. Mint, and the Oswego, NY community recently celebrated the life and legacy of Dr. Mary Edwards Walker and the release of the 2024 Dr. Mary Edwards Walker quarter, the thirteenth coin released in the American Women Quarters™ Program. Watch this powerful and inspiring program here.


Now Open at the MLK Library in Washington, DC!

NWHM's award-winning exhibition, We Who Believe in Freedom: Black Feminist DC, traces Black feminism in Washington, DC from the turn of the 20th century through the civil rights and Black Power movements to today.


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Virtual Workshop for Educators, Women’s History Documented: Building Curriculum using Primary Sources

Learn about developing women’s history curriculum for K-12 students in a variety of subject matters using strategies such as Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) and historical empathy.

Virtual Workshop for Educators, Hallucinations in the Machine: AI and Primary Source Analysis in Women’s History Education

Learn classroom activities that facilitate student inquiry and fact-checking practices for an AI-generated student work on a topic in US women’s history.