Glass Ceiling Breaker

Glass Ceiling Breaker is a dramatic shattered-glass portrait of Vice President Kamala Harris that celebrates her seminal achievement shattering the monumental “glass ceiling'' as the first woman vice president, first Black vice president, first South Asian vice president and first vice president to graduate from a Historically Black College and University.

Based on a color photo of Harris taken by photographer Celeste Sloman (represented by ATRBUTE, New York), the artwork measures 8.5 feet x 7 feet and was crafted by artist Simon Berger (represented by Artstübli Gallery, Basel). To create these unique works of art, Berger delicately taps a hammer on large sheets of laminated safety glass, making tiny cracks and fissures that, when viewed together, coalesce to create an incredible, 3-D-style likeness.

The installation, now on display at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library in Washington, D.C., originally debuted in February 2021, where it was on display for three days in front of the Lincoln Memorial. 

Glass Ceiling Breaker is presented by the National Women's History Museum and Chief, a private network focused on connecting and supporting women leaders, and was created by creative agency BBH USA, with production partnership from M ss ng P eces.

The Glass Ceiling Breaker installation, a portrait of Vice President Kamala Harris' face made of shattered glass.