National Coalition

From the founding of our country, women have joined together to exercise their voice and harness their collective power. It is in the spirit of empowerment through collaboration that we created the National Women’s History Museum National Coalition.

The National Women’s History Museum’s prestigious National Coalition is comprised of more than 60 national, predominantly women’s organizations, with educational, professional and/or service missions. These like-missioned organizations have a demonstrated a commitment to women’s equality, women’s empowerment, and/or women’s story sharing, and through their work with our Coalition, seek to support the Museum’s mission and goals.

The Coalition:

  • Provides thought leadership to the Museum and offers insight based on their experience and expertise;
  • Participates in communicating to share the unique contributions women have made and are making, and to increase the visibility of the National Women’s History Museum;
  • Has a demonstrated commitment to women’s empowerment, women’s stories, and women’s equality; and
  • Seeks new opportunities for partnerships and collaboration with the Museum.

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Click here for the full list of participating organizations.