Susanna Madora Salter

Birth Date 1860
Death Date 1960
Where was she from? Kansas
How did her life impact people?

She was 27 years old when she was elected mayor of Argonia, Kansas in April, 1887. This was 32 years before women's suffrage. She is the world's first woman mayor. She served one year. She was paid $1.00. Her home in Argonia, Kansas is a historical home and shrine. She lived to be 100 years old.

What was she most proud of? She was not afraid to step up and take her position as mayor of the town even when there was opposition and ridicule about petticoat rule in a town where a women was elected the mayor.
What is she best remembered for? Her election as the world's first woman mayor.
Is there anything else that is important to share?

In the fall of 1887 she was invited to speak at the Women's Suffrage Association's state convention. She was on the same program with Susan B. Anthony, Rachel Foster Avery and Henry Blackwell, the husband of Lucy Stone.