Paula Riesch

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Living as of 2017

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How did her life impact people?

Paula influences and is a role model to a significant number of people in her life. She is smart, outspoken, energetic, willing to take risks both for herself and on the behalf of others, and many people in her life look up to her.

Her life has impacted her family significantly by not just teaching, but also modeling how to question the status quo when 'the way things are' is unjust. She also has pointed out instances of institutionalized and widely accepted bias, such as: refusing to accept that girls weren't allowed to have paper routes in the 1970s and coordinating with her brother to put the job in his name; pursuing a degree and a career in computer programming in the 1980s and through hard work and persistence, she built a successful and distinguished career; participating in the March for Women's Lives in 2004, and the Women's March in 2017; regularly calling out salesmen that address her male companion instead of her; acting as a contributing writer to the monthly newsletter for Indivisible's Madison chapter; and recently calling out inconsistent business practices related to hiring and promotion that create extra hurdles for women and people of color. 

She is dedicated to the people she cares about. She knows how to listen, empathize, and guide. She prioritizes the pursuit of happiness and self-fulfillment. She models how to create balance through scheduling time for oneself and one's hobbies even while immersed in work and raising children. She inspires everyone around her to make the world a better place, and to pursue joy in the everyday. 

What is/was she (or you) most proud of?

She is most proud of being a loving and dedicated mom and grandma. She adores her family, and they adore her.

What is she best remembered for?

The love she embodies, epic gin rummy and pounce battles with her children, her outspoken personality, and her wicked tennis backhand.