Lily Ganger

New York City, New York
Father Morris Sklarsky
Spouse Arthur Ganger (divorced)

Kaman Sklar

Nathan Sklar

Pauline Sklar Horne


1930 worked for agent Guy Boulting; Girlfriday for I. Arthur Ganger - restaurant supplier to speakeasys-21 Club, the Stork Club, Club Morroco etc. After prohibition: Managed and created the mail order catalog for "The Bar Mart" a home bar supply store on 44th Street in Manhattan, New York Was a sales rep for high end glassware in Bloomingdale's until 1991.

Additional Comments

My Aunt has always been her own person. She started working at the age of 16 with no training in anything she found her way in the world of men but stayed her own woman. For Guy Boulting she would go around to the Broadway theaters and collect the performers agent fees. She is very proud to tell how she would collect from Ginger Rogers. She became an expert in home bar equipment and was able to support herself even after her divorce. During prohibition she was a regular at the clubs with her father-in-law-knew and hung out with Herbert Hoover, Tex Guinan & Bud Abbott. The mail order catalogue was the first of its kind-offering the fashionable home a full array of bar items-from tea trays to martini shakers and swizzle sticks. After the store closed she worked full time at Bloomingdale's in the glassware dept until she was 80 years old. Now she enjoys watching the stock market and finding new and innovative stocks