Elizabeth Webb Nunley

Dates: 1922-1977
Her impact:

My grandmother was a dedicated public school teacher in Frankfort, KY who spent her adult life to helping students succeed academically in addition to becoming future good citizens in their communities. She began each day by emphasizing to her students the importance of trying to make a difference. For an eighth grade student, this would be showing everyone kindness and respect, and learning to value and appreciate the opinions of others. As an American history teacher, she taught students how the contributions of so many have made our country a great nation. We are all descendants of immigrants and that diversity has made our country stronger. At a time of school integration, she embraced her African- American students and made them feel welcome. She spent a part of each evening, her personal time, calling parents to enlist them to encourage their children to try harder in her class. My grandmother viewed each student as talented and capable. It was her privilege to try and help each student be successful and proud of themselves. Each student was very special. One student remarked about mother that she made you feel as if you were telling her the most important words ever spoken. She taught, despite battling a serious illness. Her greatest wish was to always be physically able to teach. She taught on a Wednesday and passed on a Saturday. Her wish was probably granted. 

What is she best remembered for?

Mother and teacher