Celebrating Our Community Heroes

From doctors, nurses, and caregivers to grocery store workers to delivery drivers, Celebrating Our Community Heroes honors the essential workers and helpers who are making a difference each and every day during this unprecedented time in modern history.  Thank you to the heroes listed below, and to all of the unnamed heroes on the frontlines of COVID-19. (Note: Listings with a dash indicate donations were made in honor of all essential workers.)

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Abbie Cohen

Abu Achmad Cohen

Jerry Clayton

Charles Wright

Carol Foster

Susan Foster

Edward and Lexi DiFiglia

Clizabeth Domigan

Maja Torres

Deirdre Ruiz Torres


Valerie Cunningham

Leslie Belfance

Beverly Schmidt

Dr. Kara Stoudt

Cynthia OKeeffe


Sarah Washburn

Marta Fabrykowski Ogrady

Krystyna Nowak-Fabrykowski

Jasmin Balderrama

Lourdes Balderrama

Kathy Baxter WOC Nurse NYC

Theresa Johnson

Natalie Cowan

Dianne Kipp

Laura Lavrov

Patricia Henderson

Alexis Cortijo-Brown

Lora Lynn Jones

Maria Ware Cain RN

Susan Phillips

NWHM Team - thanks for all you do!

Nancy Lee Bergey

Dr Angeleke Saridakis

Julia Bianchi

Olive Hetherington

Kay Hummel

Mary Binkinz

Linda Corder

Carrie Chapman Catt

Barbara Robison

Maureen C. Donahue

Paula Donahue

Agnes Richards (Look her up)

Joanna Linkchorst

Gala Woitte

Robin Opitz

Patricia Hines

Carolyn Engers

Ivette Senquiz

Farid Naderi

Dorothy Leone-Glasser

Leigh Walker

Rae Ann McIntosh

Paula Woods

Sara Burke

Karen Burke

Sara Burke

Karen Burke

Chris Zahner

Ann Meyers

Leila Sabet

Jody Sabet


Renae Van Wagner

Sue Cox

Kathy Goble

All the unsung women who help us heal!!

Charlene Jones

Anna Nadya Vavra

Nancy Vavra


Barbara Romero


Mary Karen Brown

Edward and Lexi DiFiglia

Elizabeth Domigan

Maja Torres

Deirdre Ruiz Torres

T. Keith Roussil

Rosemary Roussil

Jasmin Balderrama

Lourdes Balderrama