2020 Honor Roll

2020 is no ordinary year. 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, guaranteeing and protecting women's constitutional right to vote. This Honor Roll recognizes individuals who are honoring amazing women who are important in their lives or who have made tremendous contributions in their lifetime. Women from all walks of life do incredible things everyday for their families, their friends, their communities or to better our society and/or our way of life. NWHM is proud to share these individual’s names with you.



Rosita Hopps Nordwall

Elizabeth N. Jones

First Lady Donna Edwards

Ellen Brown

Gladys Cross Sanders

Tamara DeFord

Linda Donovan

James Donovan

Deborah Hay Field

Helen Eglett

Ruth Reed

Ruth Firestone

Minnie Gribble

Anne G. Glover

Barbara L Blair

Barbara Graham

Mary I Lockhart

Barbara Graham

Iva E Blair

Barbara Graham

Maxine Hamilton

Jean P. Hamilton

Elizabeth N. Jones

Elizabeth N. Jones

Mary Grace Mathis

Marilyn Mathis

Cokie Roberts

Penelope Rebuzzini

Pam Baldwin

Penelope Rebuzzini

Janet Ranes Willard Burns

Karren Sahler

Barbee Bancroft

Jean Sheldon

Jeannie Gayle Pool

Beverly Simmons

Ida Mae Scholz Swaney

Roberta A. S. Kohut

Joan Bradley Wages

LL Jones

Iris Meyer Sawyer

Ruth S. Jacobs

Mary Enhorning

Mary Enhorning

Eleanor Frances Ross Dean

Leonard & Nancy Nowak