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Great Outfits in Fashion History: Andie MacDowell in a Sunny Yellow Suit

Yahoo! Life 07/15/2021

"I went down an Andie MacDowell rabbit hole on Getty Images and there were countless elegant, stylish looks to choose from, but I instantly fell in love with this sunny, pale-yellow suit she wore last March to the National Women's History Museum's 8th annual Women Making History Awards. The shade of yellow was perfect, as was the fit of the suit and the styling, with a small metallic shoulder bag and leopard-print pumps for a little fun below the ankle. It's happiness in an outfit, but still feels incredibly sophisticated and timeless."


Charlottesville removes Lewis and Clark statue featuring Sacagawea along with Confederate statues

CNN.com 07/12/2021

"Sacagawea served as an interpreter and guide for Lewis and Clark, who were tasked with exploring the western part of the US by then President Thomas Jefferson, according to the National Women's History Museum. Sacagawea, along with her baby and husband, traveled with a band of more than 30 men, the museum said."


Former Chief Mankiller to adorn 2022 quarter

Cherokee Phoenix 07/05/2021

“She led for 10 years, guiding a sovereign nation whose population more than doubled, from 68,000 to 170,000, during her tenure,” a biography from the National Women’s History Museum states. “The first woman to be elected chief of a major American Indian tribe, she revitalized the Nation’s tribal government, and advocated relentlessly for improved education, healthcare and housing services. Under her leadership, infant mortality declined and educational achievement rose in the Cherokee Nation.”


Chicago’s First Monument to a Black Woman Will Commemorate Activist Ida B. Wells

Sculptor Richard Hunt designed the statue, which is called ‘Light of Truth’

Smithsonian Magazine 07/01/2021

"Born in 1862 in Holly Springs, Mississippi, Wells-Barnett was enslaved as a young child, notes the National Women’s History Museum. However, she and her family became free people after the Civil War, and the young woman eventually became involved with activist causes. In 1884, Wells-Barnett filed a lawsuit against a Memphis business for discriminatory treatment, channeling her activism through legal means. But when a white mob lynched her close friend, she shifted her focus to addressing white mob violence."


Southeastern's 'Determined to Rise' exhibit marks 100th anniversary of women's right to vote

The Advocate 06/28/2021

The team partnered with the National Women’s History Museum, Preserve Louisiana, Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, and the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources regional program. The project leaders have engaged in scholarly discourse through presentations, panel discussions, a one-day conference, a virtual institute for K-12 educators, and a traveling exhibit.


US Mint honors New Mexico woman as part of American Women Quarters program

KRQE - New Mexico 06/22/2021

"The United States Mint has announced that a New Mexico woman will be among the first honored during the first year of the American Women Quarters Program. Adelina Otero-Warren has been recognized by the U.S. Mint as being a leader in New Mexico’s suffrage movement and the first female superintendent of Santa Fe public schools."


Inside a Southampton Dinner Celebrating the National Women's History Museum

The new Washington, D.C. exhibition space is set to open soon.

Town & Country 06/22/2021

"Would you believe that there are museums for stamps, coins, portraits, and even spies—but none for women. I’m thrilled to announce that this is going to change, and National Women's History Museum will celebrate the extraordinary achievements of women.”


EDITORIAL: Celebrate prominent women in history with new U.S. quarters

Yahoo! News 06/22/2021

"The selections were made with input from the Smithsonian Institution's American Women's History Initiative, the National Women's History Museum and the Congressional Bipartisan Women's Caucus."


Trailblazing American women, like Maya Angelou and Sally Ride, to be face of US quarters starting in 2022

USA Today 06/18/2021

"The public can submit recommendations for potential honorees through the National Women's History Museum website. Submissions will be accepted through June 30.”


Rexburg student selected as national showcase performer for Women's History Museum

Standard Journal 06/16/2021

"Mirah Bennion, an incoming sophomore at Madison High School, is one of 20 performers from across the country to compete in the contest. Each performer was selected by the women’s history museum staff. The performers considered topics that addresses the theme of 'Communication in History: The Key to Understanding.’"