The National Women’s History Museum Joins Forces With Made By Us, Nationwide Coalition of History Organizations Powering Our Country’s Future Through History

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Washington D.C. — The National Women’s History Museum has joined the Made By Us coalition, an effort founded by civic and history organizations across the United States to present history in relevant, provocative and innovative ways.

With a mission to help address the issues our society faces in real-time—
Made By Us is bringing history out of the textbooks and museum exhibits and into the digital and social space. The coalition aims to meet Americans where they are, ask them what they need to know and design tools and services informed by their response.

So far, Made By Us has brought together leaders from some of the nation’s most prominent historical institutions, all of whom are passionate about bringing greater representation and new voices to their museums, galleries and exhibits.

“The current moment reminds us that history is not something that we passively inherit. Everyone plays a role in shaping the story—museums even more than most,” said Jorge Zamanillo, Executive Director, HistoryMiami Museum. “Through Made By Us, history museums and civic engagement organizations have joined forces to support the ongoing project of forming a more perfect union.”

Made By Us’ first initiative is the dynamic
My Wish For U.S. digital platform, which invites young Americans to share their wishes for the future of the country. Through My Wish For U.S., Americans can share their wishes on social media, send them directly to their local and national representatives, and explore the many ways their ideas overlap and diverge with others’.

“As a cultural institution dedicated to women’s history, we recognize the unique responsibility we have as a steward of women’s voices and stories,” said Holly Hotchner, President and CEO of the National Women’s History Museum. “We’re excited to join the Made By Us coalition, and we look forward to working with the participating partner organizations to ensure we’re empowering and inspiring younger generations so that they, too, are active participants in the important work of representation.”

By coming together in an unprecedented way, pooling resources, developing tools that are powered by history, and bringing the best each has to offer, the growing coalition has the power to harness the spirit of collaboration and tap into their varied strengths—across regions, disciplines, and methods, in an entirely new way.


About The National Women’s History Museum

Founded in 1996, the National Women’s History Museum is the nation’s only women's history museum and the most recognized institution dedicated to uncovering, interpreting, and celebrating women’s diverse contributions to society. A renowned leader in women’s history education, the Museum brings to life the countless untold stories of women throughout history, and serves as a space for all to inspire, experience, collaborate, and amplify women’s impact—past, present, and future. The Museum is a nonpartisan, nonprofit 501(c)3.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Made By Us

Our national motto, e pluribus unum—out of many, one— is also the ethos of this group. We are dozens of civic and history organizations collaborating across the country. Loudly and clearly, we recognize the opportunity presented in this transformative moment for institutions like ours to better serve the public and join the ongoing conversation about the future of our country. We have come together in an unprecedented way, pooling resources and bringing the best we each have to offer, so that we might harness the spirit of collaboration and tap into our varied strengths—across regions, disciplines, and methods. We are modeling a new path forward for the ways in which history serves the people. Now is the time for us all to step up. For more information, visit


Made By Us Steering Committee

Led by a Steering Committee that encompasses nine iconic historical organizations and with over 50 Anchor Partners and counting, Made By Us has a vision to see the United States of America as a vibrant country, shaped by passionate guardians of its founding ideals. Our steering committee includes Leslie Greene Bowman, President of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Monticello; Ann Burroughs, President/CEO, Japanese American National Museum; Sheffield Hale, President and Chief Executive Officer, Atlanta History Center; Anthea M. Hartig, Elizabeth MacMillan Director, National Museum of American History; Dr. Frances Levine, President/CEO, Missouri Historical Society; Patrick Madden, Executive Director of the National Archives Foundation; Andrew Masich, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of the Senator John Heinz History Center Commissioner, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission; Louise Mirrer, President and CEO, New-York Historical Society; Jorge Zamanillo, Executive Director, HistoryMiami.