Linda Vetrano

1949 -

Her Story

Linda is devoted to the care of abused and neglected animals and runs shelters to bring them back to health for adoption and foster care. A friend, who is passionate about saving abused and neglected animals and has traveled with Linda to rescue dogs from the meat trade in places like China, Korea, and Thailand introduced us for the purpose of my interviewing her for my book, Women, Work and Triumph; Interviews with Fascinating Women.

She has gained the respect of many New Yorkers who came to know her through her rescue efforts, often paying for the animals out of her own pocket and depleting her savings before she established her 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization Posh Pets Rescue in 2006.

Her 24/7 efforts to rescue any animal from a dangerous situation and the volunteers she has gathered by example to provide a safe environment for the animals who have been abused, neglected, and often tortured.

Her courage, her single-minded focus on helping a vulnerable group unable to fend for themselves, and her unconditional love for the animals.


- Bev Gandara

Author, Women, Work and Triumph; Interviews with Fascinating Women