Linda Boston

1954 -

Her Story

Linda is currently appearing in Menopause The Musical and has played the role of Professional Woman for several years. I had the pleasure of seeing her on stage. She dazzles. Impressed with her extraordinary talent, I contacted her for a project and she graciously shared her story with me when I interviewed her for my book, Women, Work and Triumph; Interviews with Fascinating Women. With mutual respect, our relationship has evolved into a friendship.

Linda grew up during the chaos of the Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy assassinations. It was a violent time and her parents fought for the rights of African Americans. As she journeys through life, growing personally and professionally, she has never forgotten the importance of “giving back” and “paying it forward.” In 2001 she established the non-profit 501(c) (3) corporation PEER, Inc., (Portable Educational Entertainment Repertoire,© designed to take the arts and/or educational presentations, workshops, and programming where they often are not received.

I am proud of her desire to share her knowledge and talent with unconditional love. She works with seniors, youth, homeless people, and returning citizens. She finds ways to constantly improve her life and those of others.

Her artistic truth, her beautiful voice. She is the ultimate entertainer. She sings, dances and acts. She has collaborated and performed on stage with Whitney Houston, Mary Wilson of the Supremes, Dr. Dick Gregory, Tavis Smiley, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, and other celebrities. She was the requested vocalist for President Clinton, performed at the LINKS national convention for Women of African Heritage, was the requested vocalist for the Detroit Branch of the NAACP’s Annual Fight for Freedom Dinner.

          She worked hard developing her talent in radio, theater, film, and television performances. She has appeared in numerous regional and national television and radio commercials and industrial films. She has received several awards including the 2004 Detroit Repertory Theater’s Best Actress Award for her portrayal of “Moms” Mabley, the 2013 Top Ladies of Distinction - Cite d’etroit Chapter Status of Women in the Arts award, and the 2013 MI Youth Arts Festival Touchstone Award (VSA Michigan The State Organization on Arts and Disabilities.)


- Bev Gandara

Author, Women, Work and Triumph; Interviews with Fascinating Women