Kay E. Merrill

C. 1942

How did her life impact people?

She spent the majority of her career working in fundraising and development for non-profit organizations, including the American Red Cross, Boys and Girls Club, and Nemours Wildlife Foundation. Through her work she supported the missions of these organizations, particularly the health and education of her local community.

What are you most proud of? 

Even in retirement, at almost 80 years old, she remains committed to serving her community as a volunteer in a variety of ways. As her daughter, I have watched her for all of my 54 years model service to others as a way to bring equity to our communities. I am now a community college teacher on the border in Arizona and I know my own commitment to serving others comes directly from my Mother.

What is she best remembered for?

Service to community.

Is there anything else that is important to share?

She built a career as a working mother in the 1970s but still managed to be the Girl Scout Leader for my troop, take me to the theater and sporting events, and pick strawberries to make homemade jam.