2017 Honor Roll



Joanna Wade

Anna Levy

Judith Espanosa

Charles Emerson Walker

Sarah Ann Carr

Ari Kohn

In Memory of Dr. Marijana Pantic

Dr. Zorica Pantic

In Memory of Madelyn Galloway Burres, Essie Minshew Burress, Eliza Speight Galloway, and Martha A. Moore Speight

Carolyn Burress

Ruth Donaldson Frizzell

Joyce Oliver

In Memory of Amy Hertzler Troyer

Rose Troyer

Hillary Clinton

Elli Klein

In  Memory of Susan B. Anothony and Dr. Frances Dickinson

Susan D. Whiting 

In Memory of Johanna Dillon

Debbie Dillon

Hillary Clinton

Kellie Mazur

President Barack Obama

Sheyna Horowitz

Ana and Rachel Shapiro

Mary Austin

Colleen Murphy

Madeline Graham

Jen McDonald

Heather Buoniconti

In Memory of Mary I. Spicer and Myrtle L. Stevenson

Tracey Ingram

Evelyn and Maya Silverthorn

Michelle Silverthorn

In Memory of Anna Nelson Ohrn and Phyllis Remain Popper

Susan Popper

In Memory of Cathernmae Waldron

Jamie Shaffer

Senator Elizabeth Warren

Janet Ghio

In Memory of Anastasia Lee Stokes Hubbard

Shirley Stokes Hubbard

In Memory of Martha June Rasmus

Joseph J. Rasmus

Becky Schergens

Leslie G. Greenberg & William Greenberg

Sila Kay Serio

Patricia Serio

Ukachi Thelma Okoroigbo-Jideonwo

Michael Onyemeulkwe

In Memory of Linda S. Wallace

Susan Baldwin and Ginger Nobles

In Memory of Ms. Elsie Jackson and Ms. Angela Hanke 

June Hanke

In Memory of Dorothy Chadderdon

Monday Council Club of Cairo

In Memory of Mrs. Thea Leeds

Linda Leach

Russell and Lorraine Ciccotti

Amy Beth Ciccotti

June Freeman "Mrs. Ed" and Caroline Morgan "Mrs. David"

Jane Thompson

Elizabeth Warren

Velda Smith

Nicolina M. Beecher

Cristina M. Ostwald

Doris Cotton and Pauli Murray

Carla Cotton

Mary Patricia Arth

Amy Heath

Frances Martin

Marianna Weaver

Whoopi Goldberg

Sherry I. Graham

In Memory of Mattie L. Avery

Sherry I. Graham

Lindsay Hein

Jocelyn McConnaughey

Barbara Weiss Brehob

Jennifer Brehob

Josephine Lawrence Stribling

Joanne Johnson

Katherine Grange

Katherine Blanchard

In Memory of Agnes "Peggy" Whitman

Nancy G. Steelman

In Memory of Betty Jane Boyer

Katie Jones

In Memory of Ivy MacDonald

Mary H. Bates

Ruth Darling

Margaret C. Zechlin

Jane MacDonald

Dr. Lisa Harmon

Amy Northup and Erin Northup Smith

Phyllis Northup

Viola Davis

Marla McGuire

Karen McGlade

Janet Saeger

Christine Costner

Karen Costner

Mary Baker Eddy

Wanda Y. Richard

Lillian Abbott

Mariane Bayardi

Phyllis Elaine Bustillos

Brenda D. Bustillos

Sue Judd

Carol J. Propst

Judith Gold Stitzel

Kathleen McNerney

Piyali Dalal

Meenakshi N. Dalal

In Memory of Florence Berman

Dr. Carol M. Berman

In Memory of Mary Thiry

Joan Thiry

Stphanie C. Smith

Toni Evans

In Memory of Luellen Laurenti

Sharon Hayes

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Rosemary Nichols

Hillary Clinton

Dawn Watson

Janice L. Ross

Rachael Ross

Mary Ann Goodman

Mary Goodman

Sarah Elizabeth Roth

Emily Meuleman Evett

Elizabeth Lincoln

Sally Lincoln

In Memory of Josephine Newman

Dolores Aragon

Martha Lou Lartis

Priscilla A. Partis Burgess

Mary Low McCracken

Kathryn J. Brown

In Memory of Catherine G. Cooper

Patricia Zimmer

In Memory of Mabel M. Reichley

Susan Krug-Gourley

Iva Kravitz

Debra Schwartz

Gary Gerst

Valerie Gerst

Jeanie G. Pool, Ph.D.

Dr. Ross W. Duffin and Dr. Beverly J. Simmons

Barbara Higgins

GFWC History Club of Honolulu

In Memory of Carmen Delgado

Michael Votaw and Gregory B. Votaw

Carol Kuhre

Helen Horn

Dianne Herrick

Susan B. Anthony

Wendy L.F. Snow

Rev. Sharon E. Freeman, Ph.D.

Emily Rapp

Allison Moesel

Beatrice Liebenberg

Maurine Kelly

In Memory of Linda Standley Wallace

Paul Wallace

Nathalie Nino Molina

Lida Orzeck