Determined to Rise

Women’s Historical Activism for Equal Rights

To mark the centenary of woman suffrage, the National Women’s History Museum presented a two-year commemorative initiative, “Determined to Rise:” Women’s Historical Activism for Equal Rights. This series of public programming featured scholarly panels, public events, and lively discussions on the American women's rights movement from the early 1830s when African-American women abolitionist groups organized to fight for freedom, personhood, and women’s rights to the ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920.

“Determined to Rise” shapes a broader understanding of the woman suffrage movement throughout the turn of the century, acknowledging not only the achievements resulting in the ratification of the 19th Amendment, but also its profound limitations.

The NWHM is now pleased to present the culminating publication from this initiative, "Determined to Rise": Women's Historical Activism for Equal Rights, An Anthology, virtually published on August 26th 2022 in celebration of International Women's Equality Day. 

Download your copy of the anthology on the digital publishing platform Issuu here for $40.00 USD. Funds from the sales of the digital anthology directly support the Museum's continuing education programs, highlighting women's stories and impact in American history.

The “Determined to Rise”: Women’s Historical Activism for Equal Rights panel discussion series  and digital anthology was made possible through the generous support of leadership partner Pivotal Ventures and Ms. Jeanette Sharpe, an NWHM Charter Member.