Rosita Stevens-Holsey

Niece, Pauli Murray, and Board Member, Pauli Murray Center for History and Social Justice
Headshot, Rosita Stevens-Holsey

Rosita Stevens-Holsey, niece of Reverend Dr. Pauli Murray, is a dynamic educator, author, activist, community engager and budding family historian focused on sharing stories of historical and pioneering voices for children and adults to be inspired by. Rosita Stevens-Holsey is president of Preserving Pauli Murray, LLC, which she founded to uplift the legacy of her aunt, the Reverend Dr. Pauli Murray.

Prior to moving back home to Washington, D.C., Ms. Stevens-Holsey was a Systems Engineer for IBM; a Regional Coordinator of Minority Studies for the Department of Defense Overseas School System; Founder of a management consulting firm in Atlanta, GA; and Director of the Regional Minority Purchasing Council in partnership with the Savannah Chamber of Commerce.

Before returning to teaching in 2008, Ms. Stevens-Holsey was an Advocate, Program Coordinator, and Director of a non-profit organization which provided services for persons with disabilities. She holds a B.S. in Science and Education from State University of New York and a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Human Services from Boston University.

Ms. Stevens-Holsey is the co-author of the award winning biography Pauli Murray: The Life of a Pioneering Feminist & Civil Rights Activist. Pauli Murray was a thorn in the side of white America demanding justice and equal treatment for all. Murray conceptualized the arguments that would win Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka; and in 1964, the arguments that won women equality in the workplace. Throughout her life, Murray fought for the oppressed, not only through changing laws, but by using her powerful prose to influence those who could affect change. Murray’s achievements as a writer, activist, attorney, and an Episcopal priest are now being uncovered, rendering her life and legacy stronger and more relevant.

Ms. Stevens-Holsey is a contributor, supporter and board member of the Pauli Murray Center for History and Social Justice in Durham, North Carolina, and the National Women’s History Alliance (NWHA). She is a founding member of the Black Women’s History Committee of the NWHA. Rosita is a member of the National Organization for Women (NOW), NAACP and Change the Names Project. Rosita is also a member of the Union of Black Episcopalians - The Rev.Dr.Pauli Murray Chapter. She has followed her Aunt Pauli’s lead in advocating for human rights issues and fighting discrimination against women, minorities, and those in need. Part of her present work is to support and enhance organizations’ efforts to promote her aunt’s legacy through speaking and personal appearances.

Ms. Stevens-Holsey shares much of her Aunt Pauli’s story through her Instagram, YouTube and website.