2022 Honor Roll

This Honor Roll recognizes individuals who are honoring amazing women who are important in their lives or who have made tremendous contributions in their lifetime. Women from all walks of life do incredible things everyday for their families, their friends, their communities or to better our society and/or our way of life. NWHM is proud to share these individual’s names with you.



Lucky Platt

Karen Crae Macdonald

Shannon Cale Roth

Enid Levy Roth

NWHM Board & Staff

Nancy Jo Patterson


Brenda Wilson McSurley

Hawley K. Linke, PhD

Helen M. Woody Linke

Jane Ross

Harriet Shetler

Susan Claypoole

Gwendolyn Rose Devine

Priscilla Andre-Colton

Caitlin Jarecki

Priscilla Andre-Colton

Erin Andre-Colton

Elizabeth Ray

Elizabeth "Anne" Stuckert Ray

L L Jones

Mildred Cole Wilson

Marcia Leonhard

Karima Saini

Rita Hovakimian

Arax Sarian

Melissa Taylor

Mary Wooll

Joshua Musil Church

Emily Musil Church

Donald Hower

Linda Hower

Katherine Hesse

Patricia M. Hesse

Jean Hamilton

Maxine Hamilton

Paula Morris

Irene Lindenberg

Howard Watkins

Helen James

Gayle Windham

Joyce Windham

Dorothy Noel

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Janet Fox

Willie Pearl Mackey King

Christine Lesniewski

Marcia Gorski

Rosemary Giuliano

Anne P. Delo

Janet Clark

Susan R. Hester

Tracy Williams

Bruce Williams

Dr. Marcy Douglass

Dr. Jacqueline F. Douglass

Kathryn Britton

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Roxanne Diaz

Mollie J. Silberg

Michelle Blechman

Alice Talonn

Julie Sanabria

Mary E. Aicardi

Kimberly Agosti

Anne Frye

Victoria Guarnieri

Angelina Guarnieri

Shannon Roth

Enid Roth

Virginia E. Sweatt

Donna Wang Friedman's Cultural Legacy Project

Maria Buttram

Alice Talonn

L. Bower

Kathy Bower

Roxanne Diaz

Mollie J. Silberg


Becky Schergens

NWHM Board & Staff

Mildred Weissman

Clay L. Robinson

Ward Jones

Michele Mullin

Diane Dawson

Michelle Hammes

Jane Olsen

Laurel Houghton

Gloria Endres

Tiffany Fink

Linda Glosbee

Marni Amsellem

Fay Sholiton

Steven Linder

Grace Ruddy

Lois Horowitz

France Lieber

Arlene Balkansky

Pearl Balkansky

Gail Witzlsteiner

Enza Marie McCormick