Heritage and Harmony: Her Art, Her Voice

The National Women’s History Museum, in collaboration with pianist Donna Weng Friedman, is proud to present Heritage and Harmony: Her Art, Her Voice, a video series designed and dedicated to inspire and empower school-aged girls of color to find their true voice and see themselves in the faces of extraordinary women from a variety of artistic backgrounds.

The Heritage and Harmony: Her Art, Her Voice video series spotlights leading women in the arts from diverse backgrounds and a wide range of artistic fields. These trailblazing women have recorded their unique at-home videos to impart life-affirming stories of heritage, convey their personal challenges and triumphs, and showcase their incredible accomplishments. 

We are pleased to share the history, stories, and accomplishments of these extraordinary living female BIPOC/AAPI artists for all to experience, connect with, and enjoy. 

This program was made possible in part by a generous donation from the C.B. Sweatt Foundation and an anonymous charitable foundation.

Explore the videos from the Heritage and Harmony: Her Art, Her Voice Featured Artists:


/sites/default/files/styles/original_resolution/public/images/2022-02/Krystal%20Joy%20Brown%20Headshot.png | Krystal Joy Brown | https://www.womenshistory.org/heritage-and-harmony-krystal-joy-brown | Krystal Joy Brown is a multi-talented Broadway favorite and television and film actress, voice over artist, director, producer and activist. Krystal is currently starring on Broadway as Eliza in the mega-hit Broadway show, HAMILTON.
/sites/default/files/styles/original_resolution/public/images/2022-02/Juju%20Chang%20Headshot%281%29.png | Juju Chang | https://www.womenshistory.org/heritage-and-harmony-juju-chang | Juju Chang is an Emmy® Award-winning co-anchor of ABC News’ “Nightline.” Chang has been recognized for her in-depth personal narratives set against the backdrop of pressing national and international news.
/sites/default/files/styles/original_resolution/public/images/2022-02/Paulette%20Cleghorn%20Headshot.png | Paulette Cleghorn | https://www.womenshistory.org/heritage-and-harmony-paulette-cleghorn | Paulette Cleghorn is the chief marketing officer, head designer and creative director of Yumi Katsura Couture and Ashdon Brands.
/sites/default/files/styles/embedded_alt_1/public/images/2022-02/Misty%20Copeland%20Headshot.png | Misty Copeland | https://www.womenshistory.org/heritage-and-harmony-misty-copeland | Misty Copeland is a Principal Dancer with American Ballet Theatre, the first Black woman to be promoted to the position in the company's 75-year history in 2015. She has performed some of the most iconic classical ballet roles.
/sites/default/files/styles/embedded_alt_1/public/images/2022-02/DJ%20Perly%20Headshot.png | DJ Perly | https://www.womenshistory.org/heritage-and-harmony-dj-perly | DJ Perly is a Bronx born Puerto Rican American DJ and the first woman to become a 3X DMC World Finalist.
/sites/default/files/styles/embedded_alt_1/public/images/2021-05/Dona%20Weng%20Friedman%20Headshot%20Sqare.jpg | Donna Weng Friedman | https://www.womenshistory.org/heritage-and-harmony-donna-weng-friedman | Award winning pianist Donna Weng Friedman enjoys a varied career as soloist, chamber musician, producer, app developer and educator. Her Heritage and Harmony programs are designed to bring people together through the unifying power of stories and music.
/sites/default/files/styles/original_resolution/public/images/2022-02/Kelly%20Hall-Tompkins%20Headshot.png | Kelly Hall-Tompkins | https://www.womenshistory.org/heritage-and-harmony-kelly-hall-tompkins | Kelly Hall-Tompkins is a violin soloist entrepreneur who pushes the boundaries in music, language and social Justice.
/sites/default/files/styles/original_resolution/public/images/2022-02/Indira%20Mahajan%20Headshot.png | Indira Mahajan | https://www.womenshistory.org/heritage-and-harmony-indira-mahajan | Indira Mahajan is an American opera singer who has performed in operas and concerts all over the world.
/sites/default/files/styles/embedded_alt_1/public/images/2022-02/Deborah%20Paredez%20Headshot.png | Deborah Paredez | https://www.womenshistory.org/heritage-and-harmony-deborah-paredez | Deborah Paredez is the author of the critical study, "Selenidad: Selena, Latinos, and the Performance of Memory" (Duke 2009), and several acclaimed poetry collections.
/sites/default/files/styles/original_resolution/public/images/2022-02/Sarah%20Sense%20Headshot.png | Sarah Sense | https://www.womenshistory.org/heritage-and-harmony-sarah-sense | Sarah Sense is an artist from Sacramento, CA. Her new works include map and landscape weavings focused on colonial impact on climate, with purpose to conceptually reinstate Indigenatiy with traditional weaving patterns while decolonizing colonial maps.
/sites/default/files/styles/original_resolution/public/images/2022-02/Falu%20Shah%20Headshot.png | Falu Shah | https://www.womenshistory.org/heritage-and-harmony-falu-shah | Falu Shah is a two-time GRAMMY nominated, internationally recognized artist known for her rare ability to seamlessly blend a signature modern inventive style with a formidable Indian classically-shaped vocal talent.
/sites/default/files/styles/embedded_alt_1/public/images/2022-02/Denise%20Silva-Dennis%20Headshot.png | Denise Silva-Dennis | https://www.womenshistory.org/heritage-and-harmony-denise-silva-dennis | Denise Silva-Dennis is an artist, retired Southampton Public School art teacher, and public speaker.